Professional steel curved tip tweezers


Tweezer with angled point

Professional steel curved tip tweezers

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  • The Tweezer is a versatile instrument suitable for the nail technician and beautician.
  • For nail techs, this is the perfect instrument for pinching the perfect C-Curve into your acrylic nail extensions.
  • The Tweezer has been specifically designed with reinforced sides to exert equal amount of pressure from either side while pinching the acrylic enhancement.
  • The reinforced sides do not bend when put under pressure which creates a perfectly equal C-Curve.
  • The entire length of the Tweezer may be used for extremely long nails.
  • For beauticians, the Tweezer is the perfect instrument for eyelash application.
  • The points of the Tweezer are not ribbed which prevents any damage to eyelashes during removal from packaging.
  • The sides of the Tweezer is ribbed which gives the nail tech and beautician excellent grip during applications.
  • Professional curved tip tweezers in steel
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