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Professional Acrylic Design Brush

NailPerfect Professional Acrylic Brush is a size 8 oval brush with a high quality blend of Kolinsky & Sable hair.

This brush allows you to have complete control over your application.

Professional Acrylic Design Brush


  • High Quality Acrylic Brush
  • Perfect Design Brush
  • Crisp point
  • Complete control over the application


  • It’s very important to remove the gum Arabic of the brush before using.
  • Remove this with a clean tissue until all the gum has removed.
  • Before you start your application, eliminate all air bubbles by dipping the brush all the way to the bottom of a NailPerfect Dappendish of choice.
  • Wipe the brush using the side of the dappendish to drain excess liquid.
  • Start with the acrylic application of your choice.

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